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Student of Life, (Step) Father, Dog lover, Spontaneous singer, Photographer, ‘Games of Thrones’ fan

Life has a way of nudging us down paths that seem crazy and dangerous at the time but reveal hidden treasures, a hundred times more fulfilling in the long run than preferred ‘safe’ choices. I was at such a crossroad in early 2015—it was time to move up the corporate ladder, a position I had worked towards for a long time was up for grabs. But when I sat down to apply I was surprised to discover I was more confused than excited. A big part of me wanted to join Tara at our yoga & wellness studio, Dhyana, full-time. Doing this would mean giving up our main source of income, forgoing my corporate ambitions and dipping into our savings.

Knowing the answer was within me I decided to give my mind a break and listen to my heart. The moment I tuned in I laughed out loud. To add conviction to my realisation, just then an ex-team member walked by waving at me. I recalled how she had been on the verge of losing her job because she lacked fluency in English. Knowing she had it in her I had taken it upon myself to coach her–motivating her to watch English sitcoms, read the paper every day and speak to me only in English even if it was uncomfortable—within a short while her performance had turned around. Mentoring people was what got me out of bed every morning, not meeting the numbers.

I firmly believe anyone willing to dig deep and commit to the process can break free from limiting beliefs, patterns and societal conditioning. Nothing can compare to the way a person looks when they discover the root of an issue and feel the power within to change it­­—the fire in their eyes says it all.

I faced many difficult moments in my late twenties such as dealing with debt, divorce (within a year) and being unemployed, forcing me to take stock of my life. I realised my smoking, drinking, over spending on credit cards and angry episodes stemmed from repressed emotions. I trained in a few alternate healing techniques—Reiki, Rebirthing, Theta Healing, Angel Therapy—to work on myself but nothing could beat the power of Classical Ashtanga Yoga, a way of life which empowered me to live life and not sleep walk through it. This is what healed ‘what was’, awakened me to ‘what is’, and prepared me for ‘what was to come’.

My formal introduction to Yoga took place after meeting a spiritual teacher. The sweetness I felt while practicing and the way my body responded made me feel I had found an old friend. As my practice continued, I was gently and steadily drawn to the deeper aspects of Yoga. Delving deeper into classical Ashtanga Yoga and using its core principles in daily life started bringing about a change in some long standing issues I had been battling for years now—anger, resentment, arrogance and a battered self-esteem stemming from my traumatic childhood (depressed by the physical beatings I even decided to dropout of school for a year).

My relationships with Tara and my (step) daughter which had been ripped apart several times in the past due to these issues, now began to heal and blossom. I realised just how far I had come when my (step) daughter handed me a letter after an argument saying, “I can’t imagine how my life would have been without you Dad. You are worth a lot to me.”

I formally started coaching & counseling people once my spiritual teacher gave me the green signal in the form of a certificate. The journey of transformation is not the easiest but I would love to support you through the process.

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