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  • Why The Lotus Blooms: Choosing to Stand Tall by Tara Anand

    Why The Lotus Blooms:Choosing To Stand Tall— by Tara Anand Get your Copy on Kindle here. A string of shattering experiences results in Tara, putting her ambitions aside to marry her college sweetheart at twenty-five. She wakes up as a wife, numbingly empty, but for the next nine years convinces herself: marriage is about compromising. Meeting ... more October 3rd, 2017
  • Stay Calm with the ‘Hriday Mudra’

    The ancient science of Yoga gives many practical tools, that can be used in our day to day lives, helping us stay calm especially in stressful situations. From my own personal practice I know that the The Heart Mudra or 'Hriday Mudra' is one of the easiest & most effective in maintaining this energetic balance. (Mudra's also known as energetic lock... more August 19th, 2017
  • Pick Your Life-Coach Carefully

    Though we have been operating in the field of ‘Life Coaching’ for quite some time, to be very honest, we cringe inwardly every time we have to use this term (for lack of a better one) to define what we do – helping people deal with life challenges in a graceful and creative manner.   Why do we cringe we asked ourselves? We realized Life-Coac... more July 17th, 2017
  • Break Free

    I wrote this poem when I became aware of my self-limiting beliefs which were holding me to ransom. It was time to move past this past conditioning which made me feel hopelessly unworthy. It was time to gently assert myself and move forward, full of strength and conviction. I hope it inspires those who read it to do the same …   Break free … O... more June 24th, 2017
  • My Anger and Me

    Anger Management
    This poem is a personal expression of how I understood my anger. This realization came at a time when I had almost destroyed all that mattered to me. What my spiritual teacher had warned me about was coming true—he had said that anger could destroy my world and had asked me to be mindful of it. It was difficult at the beginning, until I accepted my a... more June 23rd, 2017
  • My Inner Child – A Poem

    Inner Child Healing
    Embracing and re-parenting my inner child has been a deeply moving, healing and rewarding experience for me. When I first started working with her, I discovered a wounded, insecure part of my personality that had suffered fear, shame, guilt, grief, hurt and rejection during my early years — all of which had left deep imprints on my psyche. I realized this... more April 19th, 2017