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Break Free

I wrote this poem when I became aware of my self-limiting beliefs which were holding me to ransom. It was time to move past this past conditioning which made me feel hopelessly unworthy. It was time to gently assert myself and move forward, full of strength and conviction. I hope it inspires those who read it to do the same …


Break free …
Of your unfounded fears
Of the pain of the past
Of the judgment of peers
Of your need for a mask.


Break free …
Of the conviction you can’t
Of the resistance to soar
Of the shoulds and the shan’ts
Of not reaching for more.


Break free …
Of feeling so small
Of feeling ashamed
Of not standing tall
Of all the self-blame.


Be free …
To demand & command
To take a firm stance
To move up in line
To rise and to shine.


~ Tara Anand ©

(Also published in Women’s Spiritual Poetry Blog)

Can you relate to this poem? I am deeply interested in hearing your personal experience. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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