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Love & Relationships

Our relationships can either be a source of joy & fulfillment or of frustration & despair

Some relationships are rocky from the start whereas others get de-railed unknowingly, somewhere along the way. Very often the harder we struggle to make things work, the more difficult the relationship gets – nothing seems to work and resentment and distance creep into the relationship. 

We believe it is possible to repair most relationships

In time we start behaving on auto-pilot in the disturbed relationship with our husband, wife, child, parent or sibling and develop unhealthy patterns to feel less upset—we avoid the person, give in or become controlling.

But none of these methods work in the long run as they do not help to infuse the relationship with mutual honesty, respect and kindness—the critical ingredients that make a connection between two people flower.

The first step is learning to be in harmony with your own self by understanding your needs & emotions and taking responsibility for them

When we lose touch with the core of our being, not feeling good about who we are, it affects how we relate to other people.  By developing an awareness of our needs and how we feel and act when they are not met, we get valuable insight into our unhelpful behaviours and how they can be re-patterned.

Then you can start engaging authentically & harmoniously with others from the inside-out

We call this approach ‘Inside-Out Harmony’ and one of the most valuable gifts it provides is authentic communication. You will learn how to communicate your deepest feelings, desires and needs genuinely with wisdom, kindness and integrity – significantly improving your chances of having them met.

The Dhyana Key can unlock your relationships

Our approach to relationships is guided by Classical Ashtanga Yoga guidelines for personal conduct— we call these the Dhyana Key. Working with these six core principles will enable you to:

  • Compassion: Feel more loved and be more loving
  • Integrity: Feel more respected and understood through authentic communication
  • Humility: Feel more connected by adopting a flexible, non-judgmental view
  • Self-Inquiry: Feel more fulfilled by mindfully examining your automatic behaviours & attitudes vis-à-vis others
  • Equanimity: Feel calm & peaceful through the trying times
  • Perseverance: Feel hopeful and fight for your relationships

We have been able to bring harmony to our marriage, strengthen the bond with our daughter through patient and persistent practice of these values. It hasn’t been easy since this is a second marriage for both of us and we were carrying a lot of unresolved baggage from the past. Further, one of us had to step into the shoes of a step-parent and our daughter who is teenager now was only six years old when we decided to first start living together as an unmarried couple.

We can help you meet your relationship objectives—whether it is mending a troubled relationship, deciding whether to end one that is beyond repair or developing fresh, positive behaviours that help your marriage bloom. Above all, we help you work on the most vital relationship—the one with yourself.

Our relationship counseling provides a warm, safe environment for all those involved to communicate openly and is sensitive to everyone’s needs. We work in-person and on Skype and offer:

  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Couples counseling & Marriage counseling. We offer a unique opportunity where each partner can work with one of us individually and also have combined sessions as a couple where four of us work together.
  • Counseling to support you through separation and divorce
  • Child and adolescent counseling
  • Family counseling

Our sessions are typically for 60 to 75 minutes and can be scheduled via appointment. Write to us for scheduling your first session with Tara or Aadi.

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Skype sessions available, if based in another city or internationally (U.S.A, Canada, UK, Australia or any other country)

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