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How We Help

The Inner Guide—Your True Coach

Did you know you have a wise and loving teacher waiting to connect with you? Did you know this teacher knows you better than you do yourself, sees your life from a higher perspective and knows what’s best for you?

There is a spark of higher consciousness within the lotus of our heart who can be our best friend, counsellor, coach & mentor all rolled in one. Listening to our inner guide has truly transformed our lives and we want the same for you.

But forging this inner connection takes time, effort and patience––just like any meaningful, intimate relationship. The key lies in achieving a calm, steady, meditative state in which our noisy emotions and the critical voice in our head (comprising our parents’ judgements & societal conditioning) can be bypassed to tune-in to a higher loving frequency. This is easier said than done and that’s where we come in.

Ashtanga Yoga holds the Key to the Inner Guide

The core Ashtanga Yoga principles we practice as a way of life, form what we call the Dhyana Key. These principles of personal conduct (derived from the Yamas & Niyamas in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras) have proved to be a reliable navigation system for cruising through the chaos, conflict & confusion of daily life.

Moreover, when these guidelines are practiced mindfully everyday, it becomes easier to calm the mind and connect to our inner wisdom through meditation. Over time, the meditative state of Dhyana slowly flowers in our consciousness, with an unbroken connection to the inner guide

We Bridge the Gap between You & Your Inner Guide

While we have by no means achieved self-mastery, our personal practice of Ashtanga Yoga makes it relatively easier for us to stay in this calm state enabling us to act as a bridge between you and your inner guide.

The Dhyana Key forms the basis of everything we do and we use these same principles to help you gain clarity on your issues when we work with you:

  • Compassion: To be loving and kind to yourself and others
  • Integrity: To be true to your values and not give in to fear, obligation and guilt
  • Humility: To nurture an authentic self-esteem where you feel neither inferior nor superior to others
  • Self-Inquiry: To take full responsibility for your life and examine your behaviours & attitudes mindfully
  • Equanimity: To respond calmly, wisely to every situation, not reacting mechanically
  • Perseverance: To believe in your abilities and not give up

Our Holistic, Systematic Approach Makes You Independent 

We work with you step by step to clear mental, emotional and energetic blocks standing in your way using a blend of:

  • Counseling & Psychotherapy using the Dhyana Key to gently explore and challenge underlying mental patterns & beliefs contributing to your present issue
  • Pranayama and Mudras to soothe stressful thoughts or feelings and induce a state of wellbeing and relaxation
  • Alternate Healing such as Bach Flower Therapy & Theta Healing for holistically healing the subtle mental and emotional layers
  • Guided Meditation to access your inner guidance and discover your answers
  • Life Coaching to help you steadily move in the direction of your answer
  • Mentoring support thereafter to help you forge a strong inner connection and become independent

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