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Our Teachers

Sri M, the Living Yogi

We met Sri M in 2011 after reading his moving autobiography. Since then we speak of our lives as —”Before Sri M” and “After Sri M”. Though he initially met us as a wise, compassionate friend offering advice on difficult personal matters, we knew right away he was the spiritual teacher we had been searching for our entire lives. He initiated us in Kriya Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga and has been the guiding light ever since not just for the two of us but also for our daughter who studies at The Peepal Grove School founded by him. Based in Madanapalle, South India, he travels around the world to share his experiences & knowledge. Learn more about Sri M


Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sage of Arunachala

We were introduced to the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi through the discourses of our Guru, Sri M. But it wasn’t until 2015 after studying and practicing Ashtanga Yoga for several years that we felt a strong inner urge to go to Arunachala, the holy hill Sri Ramana considered a manifest spiritual power and lived in the foothills of for most of his life.

The pilgrimage of climbing Arunachala was  deeply moving & uplifting and Sri Ramana Ashram has felt like home to us since then. We practice the method of self-enquiry taught by Sri Ramana. “Fix the mind in your Heart. If you keep your attention on the source from where all thoughts arise, the mind will subside there at the source and reality will shine forth.”

Learn more about Sri Ramana and his teachings