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Passion & Purpose

Life is too short to waste it living someone else’s aspirations for you. We can only be fulfilled if we listen to the yearning of our heart and follow our passion. A life lived passionately and deeply, doing the things that makes our heart sing is a life full of purpose and meaning. The best part is when we love what we do, we no longer need to ‘work’— it becomes play. And it’s never too late to make a U-turn in the direction of your heart.

We know—both of us left the security of corporate careers to follow the calling of our heart. It required working on our fears  to swim against the tide. It required steady effort to acquire new skills, grit to stay on course and a whole lot of patience to establish ourselves in a new field. But through it all what stayed constant was the sheer joy and deep satisfaction of doing what we love, day in and day out.

If you have been feeling depressed, unfulfilled or life seems lack-lustre, perhaps it’s because it’s time to chart a new course. To take the first step in the direction of your dreams.

We support you in your journey by using the Dhyana Key, based on the core principles of Ashtanga Yoga. Read more about our approach.

“Aadi is someone who displays confidence in every individual and makes you realize your own potential, he pushes you outside your comfort level in a positive way and helps you find your way. I was someone who was directionless and wasn’t really sure of my own goals, Aadi shaped me to take on new challenges.” – Priyanka Acharyya


“Working with Tara enabled me to move from a corporate job to follow my life purpose—teaching children with special needs. She was always there as a friend and mentor supporting me while I walked this path, even when I thought it was irrational. One day while discussing something she said, “remember, whatever you do, ask yourself a question –is it helping me reach my ultimate objective?” Under her mentoring I left my job, joined a course in Special Education and today I am a Special Educator with Noida Deaf Society.” – Anjena Nannu