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Self Esteem & Confidence

The Inner Critic

“You are not good enough, There is something wrong with you, Who do you think you are to be happy, You can never be successful, You are a failure, You’re unattractive and boring, You don’t deserve to be happy or to be loved …”

Sound familiar? Do you have a harsh, discouraging, doubting voice inside your head, judging and pulling you down at every step? Don’t worry you are not alone. This critical, inner voice familiar to most of us is formed out of painful early life experiences—in which we experienced hurtful attitudes of our parents, teachers and others. As we grow up, we unconsciously adopt and integrate this pattern of destructive thoughts towards ourselves. If we don’t learn to identify and challenge this voice early enough, our self-esteem and self-respect suffers, severely limiting the happiness and fulfillment we are capable of deriving from life.

Our Wounded Inner Child

In our experience self-help techniques and confidence building tools for challenging the inner critic only do part of the job. They are useful for consciously learning to disengage from this negative voice, but are limited in their ability to heal the sub-conscious and unconscious parts of our personality trapped in the negativity. 

To heal our shattered sense of self from the root, it is imperative to heal the inner child—the child-like wounded and insecure part of our personality that suffered fear, shame, guilt & rejection during our growing years. Only then will we get out of our own way and allow ourselves to bloom into our full potential.

When we first started working with our inner child, we found them sitting alone in a dark room, unwilling to talk or let us in. They were in deep pain, feeling unloved, lonely and worthless and their wounds were quite raw. By giving our inner child unconditional love, understanding & support, the pathway to emotional healing opened up for us. Nurturing this relationship unlocked our inner wellspring of confidence and it can do the same for you.

The Dhyana Key

We establish a loving line of communication with your inner child using the Dhyana Key. By working with these six core Ashtanga Yoga principles, you will learn to: 

  • Compassion: Be kind, accepting and loving towards yourself
  • Integrity: Honour your needs, values, time and yourself as a person
  • Humility: Recognize your strengths & weaknesses without feeling inferior or superior
  • Self-Inquiry: Connect with the essence of who you really are, not people’s perceptions about you
  • Equanimity: Be calm and patient with yourself when you experience setbacks
  • Perseverance: Believe in yourself and give your best

Our Sessions

We work with you step by step to clear mental, emotional and energetic blocks that stand in the way using a blend of:

  • Counseling & Psychotherapy to gently heal and reparent your inner child
  • Pranayama, Mudras and Alternate Healing such as Bach Flower Therapy & Theta Healing for holistically healing the subtle mental and emotional layers
  • Guided Meditation to connect with your true essence
  • Life Coaching to help you apply your new vision and move forward confidently

“Aadi manages to make one pay attention to the callings of one’s heart. My session was therapeutic and extremely insightful. I felt like someone had cupped my heart, and kept it safe, away from all emotional baggage. By the time the session ended, my soul was reenergized, and I could feel that the load on my chest was a lot lighter.” — Anahita Sagar

“A smiling Buddha, I reach a new dimension of my inner potential in each session with Aadi. Intuitive and sensitive Aadi encourages softly, with a gentleness that puts one at ease instantly – one feels like attempting to go that extra mile. He teaches soft nuances of challenging oneself and exploring one’s potential without straining…” – Sharda. Sagar

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