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True self, self confidence

“I am getting closer to my true self.”

After every session with Tara, I feel lighter, I feel that another stone has dropped down from my heart, another layer had been removed

Lucie Sindelkova Entrepreneur

“Aadi manages to make one pay attention to the callings of one's heart”

My session, therapeutic and extremely insightful. I felt like someone had cupped my heart, and kept it safe, away from all emotional baggage. By the time the session ended, my soul was reenergized, and I could feel that the load on my chest was a lot lighter.

Anahitha Sagar Oxford University

“I feel completely free and light, Magical, Truly”

Attending the workshop led me to a deep experience. I connected to a place deep within and I let go of a lot of pent up emotions. I feel deep within that I have started opening up inside… Thank you so much.

Smriti Singh Bhatia Vice President, Kadence International
life skills coach

“A great human being and a superb coach, Tara has the ability to induce positive transformation in a very short duration”

She uncovered the root of my high blood pressure and it disappeared. Working with her was wonderful – it accelerated my journey to meet myself at a deeper level, triggering me to explore talents buried deep inside somewhere. I made a painting after a long time and haven’t stopped since.”

Pankaj Aggarwal Global Transformational Leader

“I confronted my demons of sexual abuse … I sensed a physical and emotional shift in me”

I was carrying a box full of worms since my childhood. Its stench affected me in ways I couldn’t comprehend, this in return affected the way I dealt with people and situations. Tara was non-judgmental, a patient listener, and more importantly didn’t come across as a counsellor just out a Hollywood movie! After more than 30 years, I finally, encountered the monster of the sexual abuse I faced during childhood. It’s work in progress. Thank you Tara, for hand holding me through this 🙂

Priti Sagar Entrepreneur, Film Production

“My high performance leadership team and I found stillness and peace and learnt to disconnect from our challenging roles”

Tara is the right Meditation teacher for anyone. Her simple and balanced approach to effectively teaching beginners and advanced alike, really resonates with all. Whether you’re an individual looking at the spiritual and health benefits or business leader looking at relaxing your mind and super charging your performance, Dhyana Yoga & Wellness is highly recommended.

Rahul N Bhardwaj Founder, COO at Junglee Games

“A smiling Buddha, I reach a new dimension of my inner potential in each session with Aadi “

Intuitive and sensitive Aadi encourages softly, with a gentleness that puts one at ease instantly – one feels like attempting to go that extra mile. He teaches soft nuances of challenging oneself and exploring one’s potential without straining…

Sharda Sagar Teacher, Shri Ram School, Gurgaon
Quit Smoking

“I feel happier and don’t need to smoke. It’s just been a week and I’m no longer a chain smoker.”

I am spending lesser time on Facebook and TV as I have become aware that it drains me.I feel really good and can spend more time with my baby boy.

Bilegesu Kaya Baydemir IT Professional
Life Purpose

“Working with Tara enabled me to move from a corporate job to follow my life purpose –teaching children with special needs”

Tara was always there as a friend and mentor supporting me while I walked this path, even when I thought it was irrational. One day while discussing something she said, “remember, whatever you do, ask yourself a question –is it helping me reach my ultimate objective?” Under her mentoring I left my job, joined a course in Special Education and today I am a Special Educator with Noida Deaf Society.

Anjena Nannu Special Educator, Noida Deaf Society
Become independent

"What you have given me is priceless.”

I always believed that a real teacher is one who helps you learn to be independent. That’s exactly who you are – a true teacher.

Monica Walia Consultant, KPMG

“Tara is one of the most encouraging mentors I’ve come across”

A real mentor is someone who connects individually with people and engages in a give and take of thoughts and learnings-which is what Tara manages to do beautifully through her interactions.

Sneha Jha Senior Manager, IMRB International

“Your in-depth knowledge about the human body, mind and emotions makes your coaching holistic and meaningful.”

You are an excellent teacher, who is gentle, positive and encouraging. I loved the fact that the learning was also combined with one’s inner journey. I feel a lot calmer and grounded. In the last few days I have discovered my energy levels going up, I remain fresh through the day and most importantly feel a lot more centred!

Viji Arora Director, Child Rights and You

“Aadi shapes you for upcoming challenges in life”

I was someone who was directionless and wasn’t really sure of my own goals.
Aadi is someone who displays confidence in every individual and makes you realize your own potential, he pushes you outside your comfort level in a positive way and helps you find your way.

Priyanka Acharyya Manager, American Express

The light at the end of the tunnel does exist

I met Tara last year, while going through my divorce. I seemed to be crying everyday, wallowing in self pity and missing the husband. I met her for two sessions and nothing has made me feel better than meeting her. Tara has a way of connecting with you, she makes you feel at home and at ease. My perspective shifted and I could finally shut doors that needed to be shut. Read the complete testimonial here.

Chetna Head of Marketing Communications